Peerdom Adventure Logbook | Prologue

Here we are! Standing on the shore of this newfound land. Our shoes are tied and we’re equipped with the necessary tools to start our endeavour. We decided to keep a logbook of our adventure in search of the best way to work together. Because that’s what Peerdom is about: We want to make it possible for any organisation to evolve and transform into a collective of peers.

This logbook serves as a reminder of what we’ve learned on our travels. It’s a way for us to keep you in the loop of where we are, and where we are going. Here, you’ll read reports from our newest discoveries, developments, and plans. We invite you to always share your own suggestions and dreams on how to make work the best it can be. After all, learning is integral to a successful expedition. And we still have much to learn!

Find the right shoes for you

Before any adventure, it’s important to check your equipment. Imagine going for a hike and taking the wrong shoes with you. You might be able to get by without major injury, but it’s going to be a painful and stressful experience. You’ll slide, you’ll get blisters, you’ll worry about falling.

The same is true for any organisation. It needs the right tools to get going and keep going strong. With Peerdom, we’re crafting an ecosystem of digital tools that guides and supports you in becoming a collective of peers. Think of it as a toolbox from which you can pick and choose the tools you think are valuable to you. And think of it as a wellspring of inspiration on how to change things. Maybe you won’t be interested in every tool in the box at first. That’s fine. You can just ignore it and leave it there for later use. Or you can try it out and see if it’s useful anyway.

No two feet are alike, so everyone needs different shoes. Some people are fine with light running shoes, others feel more comfortable with safe and secure hiking shoes. We don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all mentality. That’s why Peerdom is designed with functionality and flexibility in mind. We don’t have a ready-made solution for you to adapt. Instead, we invite you to find the system that works for you.

Map the layout of the land

A map is an essential tool for you to carry in your backpack. It shows you where you are and where you could be going. We also believe that a map is one of the most useful tools for an organisation. It can help you see your organisation from a different perspective and provide unseen context. No wonder our first tool is called Peerdom Map.

Take it into your hands and become the cartographer of your organisation. At the beginning, the canvas is empty, and you’ll have to start somewhere. The nice thing is that you can always return and improve, change and adapt as you explore the organisation. Peerdom Map can help you visualise the layout of your team and see how each peer is connected and what they’re doing. You will see who fulfils which roles and you can make accountabilities and responsibilities explicit.

On top of seeing the current state of your organisation, the bird’s-eye view of a map is an ideal starting point to envision how things could be different. While hiking, you could set up your camp here or over there. And once you settle down, it tells you how best to connect the forest and the meadow with a pathway. The same applies to an organisation. Once you see it from above, you start to see how you could change the structure of the team. Maybe you see that certain roles don’t have clear accountabilities and unclear domains. That’s when you can make things more explicit and jot it down on your map.

If you want to try out Peerdom Map, you can grab our demo and see for yourself what a simple map can do. Should you get stuck, intrigued, or confused, don’t hesitate to send us a smoke signal.

That’s all for the prologue of our logbook. We’re happy that you’re here with us and we thank you for reading!

PS: At Peerdom, we start every gathering with a short check-in round. Asking your team about the best thing of their weekend is definitely not a waste of time. So, take five minutes and read how you can change a lot with so little.

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