Thanks for your thoughts Karilen!

Looking forward to reading your ideas on the shadow elements & biases intrinsic to self-management systems.

We agree on your point that one of the limitations of Holacracy and related systems is in their "differentiating people from work" - as if the two could be teased apart. Personal and interpersonal needs are probably ignored in these systems in order to propose a uniform solution that focuses on process and procedure while ignoring the complexity of "complicated" human factors.

There's an ongoing debate as to whether one can successfully apply a wholesale system to transform an organisation while ignoring the cultural context and background of the individuals within the organisation. We believe that self-management practices should be carefully selected, individually applied, and progressively added only as needs arise. Each idea should "speak" to most of the individuals within the organisation. Organisations can mix and match their processes based on their their own culture, language, and individual needs.

We're not so sure how a uniform model could offer a solution to the "very real personal and impersonal needs" and maybe it's unnecessary to expect that. The organisation simply has to take responsibility for addressing personal and impersonal needs in a way that feels correct given their context. It cannot look up the answer in an orgnanisational model manual.

See your organisation as you’ve never seen it before.

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