Tips for mapping out your organisation for the first time

A work map is an evolving reference that visualises the different layers of relationships, responsibilities, and work within your organisation. As a common reference, it orients the whole team and boosts collaboration.

Overcome the blank canvas

Going from nothing to something may feel intimidating, but with a few guidelines, it’s easy to map your organisation.

Why map

An organisational chart from 1930 mapping the League of Nations organisation. (Image : Martin Grandjean)

Who to involve

The mapping process can be done by a single cartographer or in a fully participatory way, where everyone contributes.

What to map

An example definition of a Speaker role, including its title, purpose, and responsibilities.
The BetaCodex structure groups shared service roles in the centre and operational or project teams at the periphery. This is one of many models you can use to group your roles. Image credit to BetaCodex.

How to map

Your map will be under constant evolution, so don’t be afraid to define a time limit, publish it early, and iteratively improve.

Set a time limit and publish

A real-world example from the NGO HEKS/EPER

Learn from the best



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